Section 5 | KCTCS

Code of Student Conduct

Section 5

Student Organizations

KCTCS recognizes that organized activities serve to augment and improve the educational experience of the members of the College community. Membership in student organizations shall be limited to students, faculty, and staff of the College except Honor, Leadership, and Recognition Societies that may include other persons as provided for in their national constitutions.

A. Types of Organizations

The College recognizes and encourages students to participate in the following types of organizations:

  1. Honor, Leadership, and Recognition Societies;
  2. Divisional Organizations and Professional Fraternities;
  3. Political Organizations;
  4. Governmental Organizations; and
  5. Specialty Organizations (religious, athletic, military, etc.)

B. Registration

The registration of any student organization is at the discretion of the College and is dependent upon the completion of the required application form and compliance with the rules and additional criteria, such as a probationary period, the College may set forth. Such criteria shall be established and published by the College and made uniform for all similar types of organizations. Only those student organizations officially recognized and registered with the colleges may enjoy the rights and privileges associated with recognition. Student organizations must be registered before they may use College facilities or properties. Unrecognized and unregistered student organizations may use College facilities or properties in the same manner that external or unaffiliated organizations access and use facilities or properties

C. Use of KCTCS Facilities

Student organizations may use KCTCS facilities for sanctioned meetings and events in accordance with KCTCS Administrative Policy and Procedure 3.3.16 Kentucky Community and Technical College System Policy and Procedural Guidelines for the Management and Use of Facilities. Student organizations must request the use of space through the College’s published procedures.

D. Advisors

Student organizations are required to have two advisors. Advisors must be members of the college faculty or staff. College staff may only serve as advisors if that service is incorporated into their job duties and if their service is in alignment with the policies and procedures of KCTCS Human Resources.

Advisors are chosen by the members of the organization and submitted for approval to the College President or designee for approval. If approval is not granted or advisors leave their position, the President or designee may appoint advisors consistent with KCTCS Human Resources policies and procedures.

Advisors are responsible for:

  1. Providing support and guidance to the organization in carrying out the purposes of the organization
  2. Counseling and advising the officers of the organization as to their powers and responsibilities
  3. Attending all meetings of the organization

The College President or designee may make an exception to permit a student organization only one advisor when appropriate or necessary. Registered, recognized student organizations must abide by all policies and procedures relevant to affiliated organizations. Volunteers associated with recognized, registered student organizations shall be used only as the law permits and shall be the responsibility of the student organization, not KCTCS.

Failure to have an approved advisor will result in suspension of college registration and recognition until an approved advisor is in place.

E. Conduct Violations by Student Organizations

If a Student Organization fails to abide by any College policy, procedure, or standard, the Student Organization as a whole as well as individual members may face disciplinary action pursuant to this Code.

The following sanctions may be imposed against a Student Organization as a whole for the violation of College conduct regulations or failure to file required financial statements each year. This list is neither exhaustive nor in order of severity and may by enlarged upon or modified to meet the particular circumstances of any given situation.

  1. Recommendation for charter revocation: An official request to a national office that the local chapter’s charter be revoked.
  2. Revocation of College registration: Permanent severance of the organization’s relationship with the College.
  3. Suspension of College registration: Temporary severance of the organization’s relationship with the College for a specific period of time. The period of time and any requirements, which must be satisfied prior to re-registration.
  4. Probation: Notice that further finding of responsibility for the violation of College conduct regulation(s) as specified in the decision of the hearing officer will likely result in the suspension or revocation of College registration.
  5. Reprimand: College disapproval or warning issued to the student organization.
  6. Restrictions: Restriction of some or all of the organization’s activities or privileges, including the right to recruit new members.
  7. Other educational sanctions: Projects, assignments, programs with the effect of educating the organization’s members.

Student Organizations are not beings entitled to due process and shall not be entitled to procedures nor shall they have appeal rights equivalent to individual student rights. The right to recognize and register a Student Organization falls within the authority granted to each College President/CEO.