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Administrative Procedures

Use of KCTCS Facilities by Outside Agencies or Groups

Procedure Number: 5.2.4-P

Current Effective Date: 10/12/2018

Original Effective Date: 01/01/2006

Revision Dates: 01/01/2006, 07/01/2010, 08/28/2017

Revision Number: 3

Revision Summary:

Responsible Official: Director of Asset Management


1. Purpose

To outline KCTCS guidelines controlling the use of KCTCS facilities by outside agencies or groups.

2. Scope

This procedure applies to all KCTCS colleges, the KY Fire Commission, and KY Board of Emergency Medical Services.

3. Definitions


Facilities – Buildings and grounds owned or leased by KCTCS.


KCTCS Units and Groups – Budgeted units within the KCTCS, recognized student organizations, and college affiliated organizations.

  1. College affiliated organizations are those organizations administered through a unit of the college to complement the college mission as well as those organizations granted the right to operate on campus by virtue of a contractual arrangement or other special recognition granted by college leadership and as approved by the KCTCS Chancellor.


Non-KCTCS Groups – Those groups that are neither included in KCTCS units and groups not co-sponsored by a college’s community service program.

4. Guidelines


The responsibility for management and allocation of space within KCTCS will be with the KCTCS President with the input of the Chancellor. 

  1. In order to promote operational efficiency and to provide administrative flexibility within KCTCS, the KCTCS President, except as noted in section 5.4.3-P, delegates this function to the college CEO for their respective college.


Non-KCTCS groups or agencies may apply for the use of college facilities at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled event.

  1. The program to be presented must be of an educational, cultural, or charitable nature, or relates to other purposes consistent with the role of the college as determined by the KCTCS President in accordance with the KCTCS Board of Regents.
    1. College facilities will not be used to further the interests of a political party or be used to advance or inhibit religion.
    2. The use of KCTCS facilities by athletic groups, organizations, or related entities requires prior written approval by the Chancellor.


When a non-KCTCS group uses college facilities, a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) between the group and the college will be negotiated in advance, stating the conditions and charge for the use of the facility and setting forth the responsibilities of the group and the college.

  1. Contact the Office of Facilities Support Services for a MOA template.


College facilities will be made available to KCTCS units and groups and non-KCTCS groups only after it has been determined that the facility has not been scheduled and is not otherwise expected to be used for academic functions.


The use of a college’s name by a non-KCTCS group in a manner that is inconsistent with the role of the college is prohibited.



Each college will designate one or more unrestricted areas to be available to college units or groups for the purpose of conducting any lawful demonstration, meeting, or assembly without having to reserve such areas in advance.


Solicitations of individual faculty, staff, or students by any college unit or group, or any non-KCTCS group, for subscriptions, sales of merchandise of any kind, publications, or services upon college property (other than by the authorized auxiliary enterprises, eating places, or vending operations of a college) are prohibited except upon written permission of the college CEO.


All applications from KCTCS units and groups and non-KCTCS groups will be considered in order of receipt.

  1. Scheduled academic activities and community service functions will have priority for the use of a college facility.


If in the best interest of the college, it may be necessary to cancel an event. 

  1. The unit or group holding the reservation will be given notice as far in advance as possible.

5. Fees


Non-KCTCS groups, which charge a registration or admission fee for the program and those groups not co-sponsored by the college as part of the college’s community service program, with the exception of cases covered in 4.2 and 4.3 of this section, will be charged a fee for the use of the facility sufficient to cover all costs involved.

  1. The fee may include the cost of personnel, equipment, and consumable supplies expended during usage.


Funds collected from the non-KCTCS groups for the use of facilities will be deposited in an appropriate college general fund income account.


Charges for the use of facilities will be developed individually by each college and will be sufficient to cover all costs involved.

6. Insurance


All non-KCTCS groups must provide certification of liability insurance coverage. KCTCS and/or the college will be named as an additional insured on the Certificate of Liability Insurance. 

  1. In cases where federal, state, or local government bodies are self-insured, proof of liability insurance is not required.


Any organization or group using a college facility will take proper care of the facility and its equipment and may be financially responsible for any damage.