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Brand Standards Policy

Policy Number: 4.22

Current Effective Date: 05/07/2020

Original Effective Date: 05/07/2020

Revision Dates: 0

Revision Number: 0

Revision Summary: new policy and procedure created

Responsible Official: KCTCS President

References: Administrative Procedure 4.22-P

1.  Purpose

This policy establishes criteria for brand standards for all KCTCS Colleges and the System Office.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all KCTCS Colleges and the System Office, and specifically to all external communication materials created or approved to represent a KCTCS institution.

3. Policy

A consistent, professional representation of KCTCS and its colleges is essential to protecting the identity of KCTCS and to building and maintaining public recognition of and trust in both the System and our 16 individual Colleges. Therefore, to provide a consistent face to the public, all KCTCS entities shall abide by an official set of KCTCS Brand Standards in all publicly facing marketing and advertising publications, representations, and other such materials. The Brand Standards shall be developed by the KCTCS Marketing Peer Team and approved by the KCTCS President. The KCTCS Brand Standards does not apply to instructional materials used or developed by faculty.

Recognized Foundations should develop fundraising and communication materials in collaboration with Institutional Advancement and Marketing and should follow their guidelines and use appropriate logos

This policy covers the KCTCS Brand Standards found online at

4. Procedure

Administrative Procedure 4.22-P implements this policy.