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KCTCS Personnel Records

Policy Number: 2.4

Current Effective Date: 04/21/2009

Original Effective Date: 04/30/1999

Revision Dates: 11/20/2003, 12/07/2004, 04/21/2009

Revision Number: 3

Revision Summary:

Responsible Official: Vice President, Administrative Services


Each college and the System Human Resources Office, as applicable, shall maintain a personnel file on employees for the purpose of review as appropriate. The System Human Resources Office shall maintain the official file for active employees. The college president shall designate a custodian to maintain an official file for active college employees.

Colleges are responsible for keeping a file for their active college employees. The System Human Resources Office is the official repository for employee files. After a period of inactivity of not less than two (2) academic years, the inactive files are to be transferred to the Kentucky Community and Technical College System Human Resources Office for archiving. Records may not be removed or destroyed except in accordance with applicable state laws.

The types of documents maintained and retained in the personnel files may include, but are not limited to:

  1. Application for Employment;
  2. Résumés or Curriculum Vitae;
  3. Payroll activation and authorization records;
  4. Vacation and temporary disability records (which should be forwarded by the department/division as completed), excluding records which include medical information;
  5. Emergency contact form;
  6. Performance Evaluations and related documentation, along with copies of performance reviews, including the performance review agreement and professional development plan;
  7. Disciplinary Records, Consultation Reports, and other related documentation;
  8. Separation Sheets;
  9. Diplomas, certificates, training records, official credentials including a current official transcript, and related documentation regarding personal accomplishments;
  10. All official correspondence between the unit administrator and employee concerning appointment or status, including employment contracts;
  11. Copies of publications and published reviews or letters concerning publications and/or copies of materials relating to creative productivity;
  12. Equal opportunity compliance forms;
  13. Salary and fringe benefits data; and
  14. Any additional information that the employee wishes to place in this file that pertains to the employee’s professional background or accomplishments.

2.4.1 Responsibility for Faculty Personnel Records

Because all considerations of promotion (and tenure, where applicable) require thorough documentation of the faculty member's record of pertinent activities in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System, as well as the relevant actions involving the individual's faculty status, the college president and the individual faculty member shall jointly ensure that the personnel file includes current documents that relate to credentials and performance.

It shall be the responsibility of the faculty member to provide official credentials (i.e., curriculum vitae and transcripts) and the college president’s office to provide faculty performance reviews and evaluations, performance review agreements, and the professional development plan for the faculty member's file.

Kentucky Revised Statutes 61.878 has been amended to provide that any employee may inspect and copy any record relating to that employee. Thus, writers of judgments which will be included in appointment, promotion, and/or tenure decisions should not be given assurances of confidentiality.