Section 2 | KCTCS

Code of Student Conduct

Section 2


A. Student

In this Code, the term “student” means:

  1. Any individual who applies for admission at a KCTCS college, is accepted, and has registered for a course(s). Students who withdraw after allegedly violating the KCTCS Code of Student Conduct are still considered a student for purposes of completing the processes outlined in the Code. Once a student registers for classes, they are responsible for associated tuition and fees unless classes are dropped according to the refund schedule; and/or
  2. Individuals enrolled at another institution of higher education who are enrolled in classes on a KCTCS campus (depending on the terms governing this arrangement); and/or
  3. Student organizations recognized by the College. The organization may be held collectively responsible for violations of this Code if the organization’s leadership consents to or encourages violation of this Code.

B. Campus

All property (land, buildings, facilities), including adjacent streets and sidewalks, in the possession of, owned, used, or controlled by a KCTCS college. Campus may also extend to mean the platform through which courses are offered online.