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Code of Student Conduct

Appeal of Behavioral/Nonacademic Grievance

Flowchart describing Behavioral/Non-Academic Violations Process - description belowBehavioral/Non-Academic Violations Process

Interim Measures

Upon preliminary review, KCTCS reserves the right to enact any interim measures it deems necessary. Such measures may include, but are not limited to:

  • referral to counseling services and other resources
  • rescheduling of exams or assignments (in conjunction with appropriate faculty)
  • no‚Äźcontact letter
  • limited access to college facilities or organizations pending resolution of the report
  • temporary work reassignment
  • temporary class schedule reassignment
  • administrative leave during the investigation and resolution
  • report of the matter to local law enforcement in the jurisdiction in which the college is located
  • KCTCS further reserves the right to apply any other remedy that can be tailored to the involved individuals to achieve the goals of this policy


  1. Complaint report submitted to the Chief Student Affairs Officers (CSAO).
  2. CSAO investigates to determine if there is credible information of code violation. (Preliminary Review)
    1. Informal Response: CSAO may issue verbal or written warning or require informal action.
    2. Case Not Pursued: CSAO maintains documentation and Student is notified that matter is closed.
    3. Formal Response: CSAO initiates conduct process.
      1. Student files written appeal to CAB within 30 days.
      2. Student complies with decided measures.