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KCTCS Board of Regents Policies

4.3 KCTCS Review of Educational Units

The work of each educational unit in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System shall be reviewed annually as part of the institutional planning and effectiveness process. Instructional program review shall also be conducted on an annual basis.

The purpose of unit and annual instructional program review is to improve the quality of teaching and learning, and public service by systematically reviewing mission, goals, priorities, activities, and outcomes. Continuous unit and program improvement requires a planning process which integrates current goals and priorities with the basic mission. Continual improvement also requires a review process which evaluates progress toward goal achievement and provides feedback which assists in refinement of plans and direction for the unit and program. The planning and review processes used by each unit should be appropriate to that unit, but all such processes will include three basic elements: (I) strategic planning; (II) annual review; and (III) annual instructional program review.

The primary concern is the degree of progress of the educational unit. Thus, the chief administrative officers of the educational units will be evaluated in terms of the unit(s) and program(s) for which they are responsible and not in isolation from these, in relation to the contributions of their units to the broader goals of KCTCS and the Commonwealth, in relation to available resources and support, in relation to established KCTCS priorities, and in terms of the responsibilities defined in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System Procedures.

  1. STRATEGIC PLANNING. The Kentucky Community and Technical College System Strategic Plan establishes the broad framework for planning at all levels of the institution. Within this framework, each unit must engage in a continuous planning process which involves faculty, staff, and students. Clear goals and expected outcomes should be developed for the unit overall as well as for each of its instructional, research, and service programs. 
  2. ANNUAL REVIEW. The performance of each educational unit should be reviewed annually by the administrator to whom the unit reports. The annual review should be utilized to assess progress toward goals and to modify where deemed appropriate the unit's goals, priorities, and expected outcomes.
  3. ANNUAL INSTRUCTIONAL PROGRAM REVIEW. The primary purpose of both annual unit review and annual instructional program review is improvement in the quality and effectiveness of the units and their programs.

Each college shall have an Institutional Effectiveness Plan that includes a review of instructional programs that meets Commission on Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) guidelines and Council on Postsecondary Education (CPE) productivity guidelines. The Institutional Effectiveness Plan is to be submitted to the System annually.



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(SIGNED) 06/15/2007