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KCTCS Board of Regents Policies

2.17 Independent Third Party Appeal Process for Academic Governance Issues

Tenure denials and decisions not to renew or extend faculty employment contracts* are matters of academic governance, and therefore related appeals will be handled using a panel of academic experts in an independent third party appeal process. Once a final decision regarding a tenure denial or a decision to not renew or extend a faculty employment contract is rendered under the appropriate process, the faculty member has thirty (30) calendar days to submit a written request to the KCTCS President for an independent third party appeal. An independent third party appeal process shall be provided by a panel of academic experts who are appointed by the KCTCS President from outside KCTCS. The panel shall examine the record to determine whether the appellant received process that is due under rules adopted by the Board of Regents or its designee regarding the process for making decision about tenure denials and non-renewal of contracts. The panel shall make and report a finding to the KCTCS President as soon as practicable whether the appellant received due process that is specified under the rules. The decision of the KCTCS President (as the Board of Regents’ designee) shall be final and shall be presented to the Board of Regents for ratification. Board of Regents' actions on tenure and contract renewals are final.

*This policy is applicable to appeals related to decisions regarding faculty term contracts only in cases of academic freedom issues.



06/22/1998, 06/10/2005

(SIGNED) 06/10/2005

(SIGNED) 06/10/2005