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Administrative Procedures

Direct Deposit

Procedure Number: 5.5.3-P

Current Effective Date: 07/23/2021

Original Effective Date: 08/15/2005

Revision Dates: 04/01/2009, 05/30/2017, 07/23/2021

Revision Number: 3

Revision Summary: update to new titles

Responsible Official: Vice President, Administrative Services


1. Purpose

This procedure provides direction for setting up direct deposit, viewing pay statements electronically, and applying for a hardship exception.

2. Scope

This procedure applies to all KCTCS employees.

3. General


Direct Deposit:

  1. All employees are required to receive payments electronically and shall enroll in direct deposit as a condition of employment. 
  2. Payroll funds may be deposited into multiple accounts and financial institutions. 
  3. The financial institution selected for direct deposit shall be a member of the Federal Reserve System.
  4. Reference Administrative Procedure 5.5.2-P for information related to fraudulent activity resulting in a breach of an employee’s direct deposit.

4. Pay Statements


Direct Deposit Summary:

  1. Employees can view the details of their direct deposit pay statement in PeopleSoft HRMS using employee self-service.
  2. Employees who do not have an internet browser connection may contact their local payroll specialist to obtain a printed copy of their pay statement.

5. Hardship Appeals


Appeal Process:

  1. In order to request hardship exception from the direct deposit requirement, form PR202 shall be completed, signed, and submitted by the employee to the local payroll office. The local payroll office will forward the request to KCTCS Office of Payroll Services for final review and approval. 
  2. The KCTCS Assistant Vice President of Business Services/COO is responsible for reviewing and rendering a decision on hardship requests.