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Sick Leave Pool Procedure

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Current Effective Date: 03/29/2021

Original Effective Date: 03/29/2021

Revision Dates: 0

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Revision Summary: Implementation of new procedure as part of converting to the new format.

Responsible Official: Vice President, Administrative Services

References: Administrative Policy

1. Purpose

This Procedure governs the formation of, eligibility for, and management of a Sick Leave Pool for voluntary participation by eligible KCTCS employees.

2. Scope

2.1 This Procedure applies to all regular full-time employees who accrue sick time and meet the minimum requirements for joining.

2.2  Regular faculty in the KCTCS personnel system and the UK personnel system do not accrue sick leave and are not eligible to participate in the program.

3. Procedure

3.1 Pool Participation

  1. Eligible employees must have a sick leave balance of at least 50 hours to join the Pool and may join at any time after attaining that balance.
  2. To enroll in the Pool, employees must complete HR Form 115 and submit it to their local Human Resources Department.
  3. Participation becomes effective at the beginning of the pay period following the election to participate.
  4. Participants must contribute 2 days (15 hours) of sick leave per year.
  5. Contributions are deducted from the participant’s sick leave balance within 30 days of enrollment, and annually thereafter.
  6. Participants may cancel their membership at any time, by completing the HR Form 117 and submitting it to their local Human Resources Department.  Any leave contributed prior to ending participation remains in the Pool and is not returned to the employee’s individual leave balance.

3.2 Pool Governance

The Pool will be governed by a committee of five members appointed by the KCTCS President, at least one of which is a current pool participant.  The KCTCS Assistant Vice President/Chief Human Resources Officer or designee serves as chair.  The Committee manages applications to join the committee, requests to use the Sick Leave Pool, and other administrative functions of the Pool.  The Committee reviews the requests for use and determines awards.  Decisions of the Committee are final and unappealable.  The Committee shall maintain confidentiality of names, identities, and illnesses of the employees who make requests or are recipients of leave.

3.3 Awards

  1. Eligibility Requirements. To be eligible to receive an award from the Pool participants must:
    1. have a documented serious health condition (as defined in the Family Medical Leave Act);
    2. have exhausted all available leave prior to applying for an award; and
    3. submit a request for Pool leave on HR Form 116 to their local Human Resources Director within 15 days of exhausting paid leave.
    4. The Human Resources Director shall forward the Form and supporting documents to the System Department of Human Resources.

  2. Grant of Awards
    1. The KCTCS Assistant Vice President/Chief Human Resources Officer or designee shall convene the committee as needed to consider the request for award.
    2. The maximum amount per award is 150 hours (20 work days).
    3. A single participant may receive up to three (3) awards per year (450 hours maximum).
    4. Awards are integrated with other KCTCS benefits for which the participant is eligible, such as long term disability and Family Medical Leave.
    5. The participant will receive written notification of the committee’s decision.