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Administrative Policies

Policy Number: 1.8.2

Current Effective Date: 03/19/2019

Original Effective Date:

Revision Dates: 12/12/2018

Revision Number: 7

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Responsible Official: Amy Coleman

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1.8.2  KCTCS Systemwide Committees KCTCS Senate Advisory Committees    KCTCS Senate Advisory Committee on Promotion (KCTCS Senate ACP)

The KCTCS Senate ACP is established for the purpose of providing the Kentucky Community and Technical College System President and the Chancellor with a systematic and broad base of advisement from both faculty and administration on matters of appointment, promotion, and tenure (where applicable).  The primary responsibility of the committee is to advise the Kentucky Community and Technical College System President and the Chancellor concerning the appointment and promotion of faculty to the ranks of Associate Professor and Professor in KCTCS colleges and the granting of tenure.  

2. Scope


The KCTCS Senate Advisory Committee on Promotion (ACP) shall consist of one member and one alternate from each college who hold the rank of Associate Professor or Professor appointed by the KCTCS President from recommendations made for each  college by the KCTCS Senate Council.  A minimum of five members shall review each file.  A vacancy for an un-expired term shall be filled in the same manner.In the initial appointment, eight (8) members and eight (8) alternates will be appointed for two-year terms; eight (8) members and eight (8) alternates will be appointed for a one-year term.  Thereafter, members will be appointed for two-year terms.The committee shall make promotion recommendations to the KCTCS President (with the committee vote and signature of each member in attendance).  The committee shall give in writing the reason(s) for a negative recommendation.


This  Policy  applies  to  all  KCTCS  stakeholders,  including  its  applicants,  students,employees, volunteers, visitors, vendors, consultants, customers, colleges, offices, and workplaces, regardless of location and regardless of whether the conduct is engaged in by students or employees, or someone not directly connected to KCTCS. This Policyalso applies to all KCTCS-related conduct, policies, decisions, and actions. All KCTCS stakeholders,  particularly  those  with  supervisory  authority,  are  responsible  for  enforcing  this  Policy  and  its related  Procedure.  Compliance  with  this  Policy  and  its related Procedure are conditions of employment or continued employment.2.2.This Policy does not apply to mere disagreements, disciplinary actions, performance evaluation appeals, adverse actions, and other routine issues unless those issues are based on a legally protected classification, or retaliation

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