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Administrative Policies

Policy Statement on the Accounting and Measurement of Community Service Activities

Policy Number: 4.5

Current Effective Date: 10/25/2005

Original Effective Date: 04/30/1999

Revision Dates: 10/25/2005

Revision Number: 1

Revision Summary:

Responsible Official: Chancellor


KCTCS is committed to providing life-long learning opportunities to improve the quality of life of the citizens of the Commonwealth. KCTCS colleges offer a wide variety of services to the community and individual citizens through Community Service programs. These programs provide opportunities to the individual citizen to enhance their skills both personally and professionally.

4.5.1 Definition

KCTCS colleges have a responsibility for service across the broad spectrum of the community to meet those needs not met by formal degree or continuing education programs. Community service activities do not meet the criteria for awarding the individual or institutional CEU, yet require significant staff effort and institutional commitment. Representative community service activities include:

  1. Serving on community boards, foundations, committees, commissions;
  2. Workshop facilitation;
  3. Forums and community meetings;
  4. Delivering lectures or seminars;
  5. Arranging fine arts events, cultural events and recreational events;
  6. Professional assistance; and
  7. Working with K-12 schools.

4.5.2 Community Service Measurement/Files/Reporting

For community service programs, the Chief Academic Officer shall maintain records of these activities. Records should include activity description, list of faculty/staff involved, headcount of participants, and total contact hours involved. The data will be reported annually to the KCTCS Chancellor’s Office.