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Administrative Policies

Policies and Procedures for KCTCS Libraries

Policy Number: 4.1

Current Effective Date: 11/02/2010

Original Effective Date: 04/30/1999

Revision Dates: 09/24/2002, 03/29/2005, 05/10/2007, 11/02/2010

Revision Number: 4

Revision Summary:

Responsible Official: Vice President, Technology Solutions


4.1.1 Mission

The mission of the KCTCS college libraries reflects and supports the mission of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System and the individual colleges. The mission of the libraries is to provide information in various formats to support the present and anticipated education, research, and service functions of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System and the local communities’ needs. The libraries share and implement the mission of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System and the local colleges. They are a part of the total teaching and learning process.

The mission of the KCTCS Library Network is to provide central support and services for shared activities and resources.

4.1.2 Administrative Structure

Each college library is managed by a Library Director who reports to the college president/chief executive officer or his/her designee. Librarians have faculty status. Librarian ranks are Instructor, Assistant, Associate, and Professor for those hired 2004 and thereafter (Librarian IV, Librarian III, Librarian II, and Librarian I may be used respectively for those hired prior to 2004). The KCTCS Library Network is coordinated by a staff of librarians, reporting to the KCTCS Chief Information Officer.

The Library Network Office is responsible for all aspects of the automated library system, including union database training, design, security, profiling, and maintenance. The Library Network Office coordinates external library network memberships, serves as the liaison with vendors, and performs other functions as listed in Acquisitions, Cataloging, and Planning.

4.1.3 General Policies and Procedures Services

Because each college’s needs and programs are unique, each college library has its own mission statement which reflects these differences. Kentucky Community and Technical College System provide interlibrary loan services at no charge, according to Cooperative Agreement Procedures.

The college libraries provide library services and resources to distance education students equitable to those provided to on-campus students.

For individuals with disabilities, the libraries will provide services and assistance that permit access to and use of library services. Acquisitions

Each college library is responsible for the acquisition of traditional print and audiovisual materials to support the curriculum.

The college libraries cooperatively select electronic databases which are shared throughout the system. The Library Network Office coordinates contract negotiations and payments. The Library Network Office monitors collective library endowment funds. Cataloging

Union database cataloging follows international standards. The Library Network Office coordinates cooperative cataloging and database integrity. Planning

Library Directors meet at least twice a year for system-wide planning. The Library Directors name a representative to the state-assisted group. The college librarians and Library Network Office staff participate in statewide library/information initiatives. Library Directors participate in their college’s planning, goal-setting, and budgeting. Library Directors assess needs and services to meet local needs and SACSCOC criteria.