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Sales and Solicitation

Policy Number: 3.3.12

Current Effective Date: 05/23/2006

Original Effective Date: 06/22/1998

Revision Dates: 05/23/2006

Revision Number: 1

Revision Summary:

Responsible Official: Vice President, Administrative Services


So that employees may perform their duties free from interruptions, KCTCS prohibits employees from making unauthorized sales to or solicitation of employees and the general public on KCTCS property. Unauthorized sales or solicitation may include, but is not limited to, collection of money, political campaigning, solicitation of subscriptions or the sales of merchandise, e.g., housewares, cosmetics, food, tickets and raffles.

Various approved charitable organizations may, from time to time, conduct on campus solicitations of contributions from employees. An approval determination shall be made by the college president/ceo, or for the system office location by the appropriate KCTCS President’s Cabinet member or designee. These approved charitable solicitations may be carried out by (1) use of the KCTCS mail service and (2) access to the payroll deduction system.

Except for an employee whose job responsibilities include sales duties, any solicitation by an employee for sales of any kind of merchandise, publications, or services, or solicitation of items such as subscriptions, is prohibited, except upon permission of the college president/ceo, or for system office employees the appropriate KCTCS President’s Cabinet member.

This policy does not prohibit the placement of brochures, pamphlets, or order forms in designated areas.

Notices and announcements that employees wish to send to all college employees, to all system office employees, and/or to large groups of employees shall be approved in advance through the college president/ceo or designee. System office employees shall obtain approval from the appropriate KCTCS President’s Cabinet member or designee.