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Faculty Appeals through the KCTCS Senate Advisory Committee on Appeals (KCTCS Senate ACA)

Policy Number:

Current Effective Date: 11/20/2009

Original Effective Date: 04/30/1999

Revision Dates: 06/23/2004, 06/14/2005, 11/20/2009

Revision Number: 3

Revision Summary:

Responsible Official: Chancellor


The KCTCS Senate Advisory Committee on Appeals is charged with giving a recommendation on the following appeals referred to it by the KCTCS Chancellor, the KCTCS Faculty Senate, or individual faculty or staff members of KCTCS:

  1. Cases of appointment termination for cause of a faculty member who has tenure;

  2. Cases of dismissal of a faculty member during a tenure-track appointment;

  3. Cases of non-renewal of a probationary appointment with less advance notice than specified by the Kentucky Community and Technical College System policies and procedures;

  4. Cases of allegation by a faculty member on a non-tenured appointment that a decision for non-reappointment violates the faculty member's academic freedom;

  5. Cases of allegation by a college administrator that a decision to terminate an appointment to that administrative post, or not to reappoint, violates academic freedom.

  6. Cases of termination of a tenured appointment or the dismissal of a person prior to expiration of a non-tenured appointment, because of financial emergency; and

  7. Cases of allegations of inadequate consideration or incomplete procedure related to the faculty promotion process.

Upon receipt of an appeal, the Committee determines if it has jurisdiction. If the Committee determines it has jurisdiction, the Committee shall set a date for a hearing which shall be within thirty (30) days of receipt of the appeal unless the Chair determines that good cause exists to extend the time. After the completion of the hearing(s) the Committee shall forward its recommendations to the KCTCS President. The KCTCS President shall make a decision after review of the report of the Committee and shall notify the Committee Chair and the parties.

If the Committee determines it does not have jurisdiction over the case, the appeal shall be returned to the appropriate parties.

The KCTCS Senate Advisory Committee on Appeals may, upon request, advise individuals on the interpretation of Kentucky Community and Technical College System privilege, tenure, and promotion policies and procedures, with copies of the interpretations sent to the KCTCS Senate Council, the chairperson, the college president/chief executive officer, the college chief academic officer, and the KCTCS Chancellor. The committee may also consider allegations of faculty members who believe that their privilege as scholars has been abridged or abused. Faculty members shall address statements to the chairperson of the committee, describing in detail the reasons why they believe their privilege has been abused. The committee reviews the statement and determines whether conditions warrant further investigation. On conclusion of investigation, the committee makes recommendations to the faculty member and files a copy of these recommendations with the KCTCS Chancellor. Recommendations may also be made to the KCTCS Chancellor with a copy sent to the faculty member.