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Sick Leave Pool

Policy Number:

Current Effective Date: 03/29/2021

Original Effective Date: 06/22/1998

Revision Dates: 05/15/2002, 11/13/2002, 01/04/2007, 03/29/21

Revision Number: 4

Revision Summary: Revisions to capture statutory requirements, update to current policy and procedure format

Responsible Official: Vice President, Administrative Services

References: Administrative Procedure

1. Purpose

This policy governs the establishment and management of the KCTCS system-wide Sick Leave Pool, a voluntary participation benefit for eligible employees.

2. Scope

2.1  This policy applies to all KCTCS employees who accrue sick leave.

2.2  This policy does not apply to regular faculty in the KCTCS and UK personnel systems since they do not accrue sick leave. Faculty who have banked sick leave that was accrued prior to opting over from the 18A/151B personnel system to the KCTCS personnel system do have the ability to donate banked sick leave to the pool.

3. Policy

The Sick Leave Pool is a voluntary benefit offered to employees who accrue sick leave.  The Pool serves as a source of salary continuance for pool members with appropriately documented serious health condition(s), as defined in the Family Medical Leave Act, who have exhausted all their other paid leave but still cannot return to work.

Requests and absences related to the Sick Leave Pool are also subject to all other applicable KCTCS policies and procedures.

4. Procedure

Administrative Procedure implements this policy.