Administrative Policies

Court Appearances

Policy Number: 2.14.16

Current Effective Date: 05/23/2006

Original Effective Date: 06/22/1998

Revision Dates: 05/23/2006

Revision Number: 1

Revision Summary:

Responsible Official: Vice President, Administrative Services


A court appearance normally requires use of vacation leave, or leave without pay. However, if summoned, subpoenaed, or requested to appear as a party or a witness in a civil or criminal court case in which KCTCS requests an employee’s attendance, the employee shall be granted time off with pay to fulfill such responsibilities. Employees shall submit a copy of the subpoena, summons, or request to appear in court before receiving approved time off for this duty. In addition, if a compelling KCTCS interest in a court case justifies the employee’s absence, KCTCS may approve time off with or without pay for a court appearance in cases that do not directly relate to KCTCS. Immediately upon receipt of a summons, subpoena, or request to appear in court, employees shall present a copy of the document to their supervisor and request applicable leave time, either with or without pay.

For cases not involving KCTCS, employees shall use vacation leave or leave without pay.

Upon completion of a paid or unpaid court appearance, the employee shall report to work at the beginning of the next regularly scheduled work period. If the court appearance does not require the full work period in a given day, the employee shall report for work that day as soon as possible after the court appearance ends.

In addition, jury duty and court appearances will be addressed in accordance with applicable KCTCS policies and human resources procedure(s) regarding paid and/or unpaid leaves of absence and special leave.