Administrative Policies

KCTCS Outside Employment

Policy Number: 2.11.3

Current Effective Date: 05/23/2006

Original Effective Date: 06/22/1998

Revision Dates: 05/23/2006

Revision Number: 1

Revision Summary:

Responsible Official: Vice President, Administrative Services


KCTCS wants to assure that work for other employers does not create scheduling conflicts with KCTCS duties or otherwise restrict an employee’s ability to perform KCTCS work assignments. KCTCS requires employees to report and to request approval to perform "related" outside employment or consulting work, if it is the type of instruction, or training, or other related services that KCTCS provides to the public. Related work is work that uses substantially the same professional knowledge and skills required in an employee’s KCTCS position. Outside employment may also be referred to as faculty consulting or an external overload.

KCTCS employees may engage in additional related employment or consulting assignments outside of KCTCS only if a description of the outside related employment has been submitted on the designated outside employment request form and has been approved by the college president/ceo.

Requests for outside employment shall be determined based upon the following:

  • The outside employment or consulting does not represent a diversion of regular KCTCS business which the employee is expected to secure or carry out as part of his/her KCTCS employment.
  • The hours of the outside employment shall not coincide with the employee’s KCTCS scheduled hours of work.
  • Outside employment shall not conflict with the employee’s job responsibilities, KCTCS interests or affect the employee’s job performance at KCTCS.
  • Outside employment shall not cause the employee to arrive late for, or leave early from, his/her KCTCS scheduled work shift or hours.

Actions on outside employment requests shall be reported to KCTCS Human Resources as specified on the designated outside employment request form.

KCTCS facilities and equipment shall not be used in the conduct of an employee’s outside business or employment without explicit written permission from the college president/ceo.

The ability to engage in outside employment/external consulting/external overload during a medical leave of absence, including a Family/Medical Leave, shall be subject to the same terms and the same type of process for request and approval determination as that used for an employee who is not on a medical leave of absence. A separate request and approval determination shall be used for engaging in outside employment during medical leaves of absence.

Employees must also comply with related KCTCS administrative policies and procedures
regarding external consulting, overloads, and running for or serving in elective or
appointive office.