Foundations and Principles

Who We Are

The Kentucky Community and Technical College System (“KCTCS” or “System”) was established in 1998 through an act of Kentucky’s General Assembly, KRS 164.580. The System is made up of sixteen colleges with various campuses situated throughout the state of Kentucky and dedicated to supplying the educational and training needs of students seeking two (2) year academic or technical degrees as well as other certificate, licensure, and training programs.

Our Governing Body

KCTCS colleges are governed by one body, the KCTCS Board of Regents, the membership, role, responsibilities, and authority of which is set forth in sections of KRS 164.290 to 164.475 and more specifically detailed in KRS 164. 580 to KRS 164.600. The KCTCS Board of Regents is authorized by KRS 164.350 to adopt rules, regulations, and bylaws governing its members, and this Bill of Rights and Code of Student Conduct is established under their authority to govern student academic and behavioral matters. Nothing contained in this Code of Student Conduct should be construed as creating a contract between KCTCS and students.

The local boards of directors as established in KRS 164.600 have no authority to govern or regulate student conduct and may not act contrary to the authority granted solely to the KCTCS Board of Regents and properly delegated to appropriate academic and administrative bodies within the System.

Our Philosophy and Commitment

KCTCS Colleges strive to provide students with education and training in a structured yet free environment that recognizes the dignity and value in all people and all groups. KCTCS is committed to a community of learning where students and ideas do not simply exist but flourish and thrive.

KCTCS understands, accepts, and exercises the role of the institution as the primary entity responsible for the enforcement of conduct that permits students to grow academically and personally as they pursue education and training in the System. To encourage an atmosphere conducive to the education of all students enrolled in KCTCS colleges, KCTCS recognizes that fundamental values, principles, and responsibilities are imperative to the proper functioning of our college community.

Our Students and Our Community

Students are members of our academic community as well as our local, state, national, and global communities. KCTCS recognizes the freedoms, rights, and privileges of our students but also demands of our students those responsibilities, obligations, and duties that are part of good citizenship. When students fail to live up to the standards necessary to be responsible and productive members of the KCTCS academic community, those administrators and faculty given authority by the KCTCS Board of Regents to act in accordance with the KCTCS Student Code of Conduct shall take measures to protect the community, to preserve property, and to maintain order. KCTCS has the authority to implement any guidance issued by state and local authorities to assure the safety and security of people, property, and resources. At all times, System and college officials shall balance the needs of the students involved against the well-being of the academic community as a whole.